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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Inaugural UNBCOC Post!

Hi all! Welcome to the UNBC Blog and gateway to our FORUM!
We are pretty psyched to have this up and running for all of you-hopefully this is going to really enable all of us to network a bunch more and GET OUTSIDE MORE! 

The vision for this page is that we post trip reports here to let everyone know:
what you did
where you went
who you went with
conditions of the trip 

We want to know about your epic adventures! So every time you go on a trip-basically write a blog as you would like it and attach a photo or three into an email to the UNBCOC@gmail.com and you will see it up here in a day or two!

There is also going to (soon) be a link to our forum. This is IMPORTANT! Forums are a great way to connect on potential trips, plan them, talk about gear, social events......the list goes on and on. 
HOWEVER! This only happens if people USE the forum and check it REGULARLY!
Save the Blog page as a bookmark so it is super easy to get to-it's a great procrastination tool! 
Almost as good as Facebook!

So go forth and be outside!

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    If you have any questions call Troy V. Lee at 250.960.5914.